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The Wonders of Appalachia

The Wonders of Appalachia

Appalachia is a vast region located in the eastern United States that expands from the great Mississippi River to the New York Plateau. Covering such an expansive region there is no shortage of rich and diverse cultures. The Appalachian Mountains are the largest geographical landmark in this region. The first to ever walk the great Appalachia were Native American tribes such as the Iroquois to the north and the Cherokee to the south. These two were the largest and most dominant nations in the region. Now those nations have dissolved into the population of the settlers from the west and their ancestors.

The Appalachian Trail

There is a Trail that marks most of Appalachia called the Appalachian Trail(AT). The Appalachian Trail spans from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trails within the AT are the same original trails that the Native Americans once walked. “If you ever find yourself on one of these trails you probably found that you had shoes, good ones, probably Nike. Now imagine a Native American running full speed barefoot through the rocks and briars chasing after deer and turkey. This is an experience you can only fully experience on the trails.”

Other Landmarks in Appalachia also include;
• Mississippi River (the second largest river in North America)
• Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia (and the south end of the AT)
• The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina.
• The Luray Caverns of Virginia (Breathtaking scenery, amazing pools, and the world’s only Stalac pipe organ can all be seen at
this beautiful getaway.)
• Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill Kentucky(Breathtaking scenery, amazing pools, and the world’s only Stalac pipe organ can all be
seen at this beautiful getaway.)
• Harpers Ferry, Virginia ( is a historic location that has museums, historical exhibits, and programs, plus 20 miles of hiking
• Longwoods Botanical gardens, Pennsylvania( over 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows)
• Mount Katahdin, Maine ( The Northernmost point of the Appalachian Trail)

Perhaps one of the best characteristics of Appalachia is its wondrous Diversity of life. Some of the most beautiful creatures in the region are in danger from human development pushing into their habitats and disturbing their ecosystems. Appalachia is home to the rare Hellbender. These creatures can grow up to 3 feet and are the third-largest salamanders right behind the Japanese and Chinese giant salamanders. Another well-known creature living in the Appalachian forests are the black bears. Black bears are the smallest bears in North America and are known to retreat when they sense a threat; the best thing to do is to make noise when encountering these dangerous animals.

There are many more fascinating animals in the region and are only a sign of the beautiful planet we live in. Let’s keep the creation clean and keep in mind the animals we share the earth with.

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