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The best Christian Outdoors playlist (Staff Picks)

The best Christian Outdoors playlist (Staff Picks)

Being outside and exploring is a time for self-reflection, new adventures, and just getting outdoors (It’s scientifically proven to be healthy for you). Whether you’re traveling across the world, going on a mission trip, or want some awesome music to fill the background of your camp packing, “Adventuring” as we call it brings with it an exciting atmosphere/vibe that requires a fitting playlist for the road. We’ve put together a few of our favorite Christian songs for those moments of exploration, inspiration, and self-reflection.

For you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands, I sing for joy. Psalm 92:4

1. Call Your Name
Rivers & Robots

2. See
Joshua Fraser

3. Protector
Lion of Judah
 (Our fav)

4. Know You More
Rivers & Robots

5. Time’s Not Wasted
Josh Gauton

6. At Ease
Jonathan Gabriel Masters

7. Nothing Ever Without You
Taylor Armstrong

8. Refugee
David Brymer

9. Immanuel
Tony Anderson

10. Cosmos
 (Not a Christian song, but you have to listen to it!)

Music really is such a beautiful gift from God. Each song is linked to the artist’s Spotify channel, so whether you’re reading this on mobile or desktop, you can open a free Spotify account to enjoy these tunes.

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