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The most incredible outdoor adventures for your trip to Georgia

The most incredible outdoor adventures for your trip to Georgia

North Georgia is a insanely underrated and gorgeous place. In our opinion, it can rival the coasts of Oregon and the waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest in terms of beauty and adventure. However, it may be with good reason that it’s underrated, and you could say it’s a very well kept secret in the south. After all, we’re based in North Georgia and it’s natural beauty inspired us to start this brand. We definitely have our share of adventures and memories in this landscape, and we’d love to share some of our favorite places to visit and explore God’s creation in the Georgia Wilderness and Park System.

Hiawassee, Georgia

This mountain town is close to beautiful lakes, hikes, & trails.

Bell Mountain


High Shoals Falls


Blood Mountain

This is one of the most amazing places in the world for us. The view is just incredible up there and on a clear day, you can see the Atlanta Skyline and Stone Mountain! We would recommend going during the falls to see the beautiful changing leaves. The hike is also extremely beautiful!



John’s Mountain

This spot is only 20 minutes from us. The Keown Falls trail is an amazing route to a small waterfall deep in the woods. The views are incredible and is perfect for a day-hike.



Blue Ridge Mountains 

There’s something magical and relaxing about spending a weekend in the mountains in a beautiful cabin. Blue Ridge offers this and much more. We recommend stopping by the Bigfoot Museum as you pass by.






Cloudland Canyon & Lula Lake Falls

This is one of the best gems of our amazing state. The Cloudland Canyon is a extremely impressive piece of nature, especially when it’s covered in green lush leaves or in Fall when the scenery is changing. There’s also the incredible Cherokee Falls at the bottom of the trail. Lula Lake Falls is situated on private property and is only open one Saturday a month, and it’s usually the last one. This place has incredible trails and arguably the most amazing waterfall in the whole state. If we had to choose between everything we’ve shown so far, we’d put this at the top of our list.




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