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Here's how to save on DiscoverHorizons gear! [2021]

Here's how to save on DiscoverHorizons gear! [2021]

Who doesn't love a discount? Well, we've devoted this entire article to make a list of the different ways you can save on your next DiscoverHorizons order. From free shipping, to simple bundles, to our discount codes, we'll show you the ropes. 


How to earn free shipping

This one is super easy, just make sure your total at your checkout is worth more than $75 and the free shipping option will automatically appear at checkout for you to choose. This is our normal shipping rate, which is about 3-5 business days. 


How to earn a free hat

This one, and well, all of them on this article is also pretty simple. Just make sure your order total is over $199 and we'll throw in one of our new hats in the box. The hat itself is worth $29, so it's a nice way to earn some extra merch. Also, did we mention you can also get free shipping as well? 😁 


How to earn a mystery t-shirt

If you can't spend $199, we totally get it, not everyone has splurge like that, and we want to make it easy for you to earn free merch as well! Just spend $149, and we'll throw in a free mystery t-shirt. While we can't guarantee a specific size, we'll try our best to match any other sizes that are included in your order. 


How to save 10% off your next order

This one is the easiest. Just use code: DISCOVER to save 10% off your next order. 


How to save 40% and earn 10% on any orders you refer and generate

Okay, this one may or may not be for you. Visit our ambassador program and see if it's the right fit for you. One of the perks is getting an ambassador only discount for you + a special link that you can put on your instagram bio and content that will track any sales. All your sales are tracked in a neat dashboard and payed out via your paypal. Pretty awesome huh?

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