Stewardship Lifestyle eHandbook

    Stewardship Lifestyle eHandbook

    Every purchase makes an impact. So far we've planted hundreds of trees, fed thousands of meals, and gifted thousands of Gospel coloring booklets to children around the world. Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $30.
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    Every Purchase Makes An Impact

    • We've Planted 560 Trees on three continents.
    • Donated 1,990 Meals to the hungry in the U.S
    • Gifted 1,395 Gospel Booklets to Children.

    Every month, we donate a percentage of our total pre-profit & pre-taxed gross sales towards helping further some of these missions. This is a helpful reminder to us to ensure that our faith always comes first in our decision making and we're striving to make our company a force for responsible stewardship around the world.

    This short 17-Page handbook will help you learn what it means to live a stewardship lifestyle. It includes our core beliefs and principles of the responsibility given to humanity to be a good steward of its resources and the consequences when we fail to live that role boldly. It will also empower you with actions you can take to be that shining light in your environment and sphere of influence. 

    As Christians and as brothers and sisters that call Earth home, we shouldn't have to align ourselves with environmental and conservationist movements that come packaged with other agendas that conflict with our values. We are also called to care for our common home and for the common good of every soul and creature that depends on a clean and flourishing environment. It is right and just and we believe it our responsibility.

    We hope you’ll find refreshment in this handbook for your soul as you seek inspiration and use your given gifts and talents to join us on our mission to care for and redeem all of creation.

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